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Sneaker Laundry Nuggets

Sneaker Laundry Nuggets

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Nano nuggets packed with the most powerful cleaning agents along with conditioners Deep cleans your canvas and especially mesh material, all this while keeping the ingredients all natural.


  1. Put your sneakers into the laundry bag

  2. Pop a laundry nugget into the washing machine along with sneaker on normal wash

  3. Always cold wash. Do not dry in washing machine.Always air dry.

 What's inside?

1 x Laundry nugget Jar (12 Pods)


How should I wash it in my washing machine?

Just put the sneakers in the sneaker laundry bag. Pop a nugget and do cold water only. DO NOT DRY sneakers in the washing machine. Let it dry.

Does it work on every material?

Yes it does, although it's always best to check if your suede/canvas/nubuck material bleeds on water contact.

What is the difference between a detergent and our laundry nugget?

Standard laundry detergents are designed for the materials on your sneakers. Sneads laundry nuggets is infused with leather conditioners and anti-bacterial properties for the utmost care of your sneakers.

How many pods for 1 pair of sneakers?

Usually we suggest one nugget per pair of sneakers. For tougher dirt you can also use 2 pods but not together.

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